1. joren


    i’v got the same problem. I also switched to MAMP, but although I stopped my other apache, I get the same problem.

    It looks like doctrine is still caling my php.ini wich is located in /usr/local/lib instead of the one located in the config dir of Mamp.

    any ideas or stuff I forgt to do?


  2. @joren I think once I switched to MAMP it just worked. If you’re accessing the site on the MAMP port, 8888 default, then you’re definitely accessing it’s copy of Apache.

    I’d suggest testing which php.ini it’s loading by throwing some garbage in it and checking that generates an error. If that doesn’t work take a look at the PHP error logs, maybe something’s going wrong when PHP starts. Hope you can figure it out.

  3. finally fixed it, the php called by apache was updated, problem lies in the php used by php-cli which still used the old one, just use #!/usr/local/php5/bin/php instead and that’s it

  4. @Charles Yeah, unfortunately if you’re re-compiling PHP you have to do the command line utility as well. This does have the advantage of making it easier to use PHP from terminal.

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