1. Bilock

    Great, thanks.
    Now, with the version 2.9.0 the update.plist is hidden inside a subpackage named SDI.bundle.
    – Show Package Contents of the UpdateInstaller
    – Show Package Contents of the SDI.bundle
    – delete the Contents/Resources/update.plist
    relaunch the UpdateInstaller.
    Work for me under osx 10.6.7

  2. So…I just made the leap from nikon to canon and I’m so fucking frustrated because I am technically challenged when it comes to installing software etc. But after I realized that the canon software would not upload on my mac because the operating system was out of date, I ordered the osx snow leopard 10.6.3 and got it in the mail today (yes…no on-line availability!). So now, I’ve updated my operating system, and re-installed the canon software only to find out that the fucking canon EOS UTILITY will not install….actually, it won’t even show that it exists on my software disk. I’ve tried googling the problem – tried to find the stupid software to install from canon’s site (but as you said, they offer updates only and no actual installer.) At this point, I’m completely lost and just want to chat with someone who may understand what’s going on. Any and all feedback appreciated. In truth, I’m ready to package up my camera and bring it back to the store shouting obscenities all the way. Thanks for whatever you may be able to offer.

  3. Well if you’re feeling technically up to it you can try the solution I posted above. It probably works with the latest updater, though the files may be in different places.

    Other than that I can’t really offer much help without being able to see what’s going on. You could try Canon customer support, not sure how much help they’d be.

  4. Zsolt

    Thanks for the tips! Works all the way up to updater 2.10 Any idea how to do the same on 2.11? SDI.bundle no longer exists and there seems to be no update.plist either… Any ideas? Thanks!

  5. for the 2.11 version (tested on 2.11.4) on MAC (ML but doesn’t matter) :
    – mount the EU211.4x-updater.dmg
    – copy the application (like on your desktop)
    – unmount the dmg
    – show package contents of the copy on your desktop
    – on ./Contents/Ressources/ delete the Info.datx file
    – close
    – Run it.

    It’ll do the job.
    You have to proceed the same way for DPP, and i think all the Canon software released at the same time. I’ve just tested DPP and EOS-Utility.

    As i felt on this site looking for the good tips, once i found it i came back to share it.

    Sorry for my bad english, coming from France.

    Have a nice day.

  6. Mike

    That worked. Thanks a lot.
    Knowing that I need “EOS Utitlity” to install firmware update was one challange.
    You solved my other challenge of actually trying to install it.
    WTF Canon? I’m fairly technically savy too.

  7. Hi There just got EU2.114 and tried to delete the Info.datx file but i get the message i cannot delete it. once i get info for that file and the whole package it says I only have permission to read the file. Any thoughts on that?

  8. alfonso


    I´m trying to install Eos solution disk v24.0 in a macbook 13″ (no DVD).

    i´ve copied all the cd data in a SD card to save the files to the macbook. When i tried to install in the macbook pop up the error “SDI not found”.

    How could i install the programs.

    (sorry for my english, i´m just speak spanglish)

  9. I haven’t run into that exact error before, but it might have something to do with saving the files on the SD card. If you can, try copying the files from the CD to your macbook over wifi. The storage format on your SD card may not support the Mac extended attributes and that could be the problem.

  10. richi

    trying to install eu2.13 but when i delete info.datax
    when i try to run it says file is damaged

  11. Dennis

    Worked perfectly for me for Photostitch version 3.2.6 on OS X Lion under drivers and downloads for the PowerShot SX210 IS camera. Thanks!

  12. john

    Thanks for these pointers. I succeeded with EOS Utility version 2.13.21 onto Mountain Lion (10.8).

    But (1) after you make an edit, MacOS X tells you that the download is damaged. No worries: click on the “More info” icon, and follow the instructions to permit installs from “Anywhere”. (You’ll probably need to unlock the control panel to permit this.)

    (2) Then, right-click on the installer, and choose Open from the pop-up menu (just double-clicking it doesn’t work).

    That should do the trick.

    Don’t forget to return the install-permissions to a safer setting than “Anywhere”.

  13. Peter

    Method shown for version 2.9.0 also works for version 2.10.2 with Mac OSX 10.6.6. Delete update.plist in SDI. bundle.

  14. Wallheater

    Your instructions for “Version 2.11” worked perfectly for me on current Version 2.13 too. (EU2.13.25X_updater.app on Mac OS 10.8.5.) GREAT tip, thanks! And shame on Canon for not making this freely available.

  15. instantjc

    Follow the v2.11 instructions, HOWEVER, instead rename the “.datx” file instead of deleting.

    – ./Contents/Ressources/ rename the Info.datx file to Info2.datx

  16. Brandon

    Listen to what instantjc says! When you delete the info.datx, it will make the file corrupted and you won’t be able to install it. When you just rename it to any other than “info”, it works fine.

  17. TC

    One note about the new 2.13.40 updater. If you rename the info.datx it will still complain the package is damaged/corrupted… Try it this way… Copy the app to your desktop and display package contents so you can see the info.datx. When you run it, OSX will say it was downloaded from the Internet, are you sure you want to run it. BEFORE you continue to run it, RENAME info.datx now, then run it and it will pass the OSX validation and continue to install! ;)

  18. Steve

    TC’s instructions worked for me on version 2.14 installing on Mavericks 10.9.2

    Thanks TC!

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