1. max

    Hello,what is the purpose of overriding a block?will it shows additional contents on the screen or we can use the overriden methods of that .php file?

  2. The idea is to replace the default block handling class with one of your own. That way you can control exactly how everything is output. I overrode the default breadcrumb class with my own to make the breadcrumb appear like a ribbon. I added some images and changed the CSS. Basically it gives you complete control over what comes out of that block.

  3. I had been building a package called AIBooks so it goes in: app/code/local/AIBooks/Page/etc/config.xml

    The post I linked at the start of the article is a bit more in-depth about how to do the general override part.

  4. I need to know how override admin core block
    eg: override the Mage/Adminhtml/Block/Tag/Edit/Accordion.php class

  5. It’s been a long time since I did any Magento so I can’t give that much advice. The basic idea of the post above should work for the admin blocks as well.

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